The Story of Sybok

The story presented below is true, but some of the names and place names have been changed to protect the innocent.

copyright (c) 2003 by Sybok Pendderwydd
Sybok Pendderwydd was born in Bourbonnais IL on November 15 1953 at 1:55 AM. His parents were Jane, the youngest daughter of Scottish immigrants, and Thomas, the youngest son of Breton/French farmers in Ste. Marie IL. Sybok spent the first six years of his life on his fathers farm in Ste. Marie, a Breton/French community of about 500. Ste. Marie was founded in the 1850’s by the descendants of Acadians who migrated from Quebec on the instigation
of Fr. Charles Chinique, who was also responsible for the development of nearby Ste. Anne and another satellite community, Le’Rable. The Acadians where Bretons who, fleeing persecution and irradication of their Celtic culture by the French, landed on the shores of Nova Scotia in 1650 and founded Acadia, a colony which flourished for ten years. The British came into the region at that time and drove the Acadians out. About two-thirds of them fled to Louisiana and are the
ancestors of the “Cajun” people (Cajun being a corruption of the word Acadian). The other third fled to Quebec. Many of these became fur trappers, “Couer de Bois” and “Voyageurs” and helped carve out the unique history of New France.

The summer before Sybok ‘s 7th birthday was chaotic for him. His dad lost the farm, the victim of economics and alcoholism, and took a series of jobs with some of the large dairy farms in Northern Illinois. The family moved four times in the next year, finally landing in a flat in Bourbonnais, where his dad took
a job at the nearby Joliet Arsenal. Sybok went to school at “Our Lady of Quiet Desperation Grade School,” just across the alley. He was a quiet kid, whose favorite hang out was the nearby public library. Shy and non-athletic, he found a world inside books. Books about spaceships and journeys to distant worlds. Probably the single most powerful influence on young impressionable Sybok was Robert A. Heinlein . Sybok ‘s favorite books growing up were “Glory Road”, “Stranger In A Strange Land”, “The Door Into Summer” and “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”. Other favorite authors included J.R.R. Tolkein, Issac Asimov, Aldous Huxley, Ayn Rand, Ray Bradberry, and E.E. “Doc” Smith. Television fiction also played apart in Sybok ‘s unique spiritual education, with the early  Star Trek series being his favorite diversion.

His Catholic education ended with 6th grade, when Sybok ‘s family moved across town. He attended East Junior High School and went to high school at Eastridge. His friends were the nerdy, intellectual kids. They were in the band, on the school newspaper and excelled in science and math. Sybok excelled in english and the humanities, and was especially
fascinated by religion and philosophy.In 1972 he met Denise , the daughter of a Belgium/French farmer from L’erable. They were married in August of 1975 and Denise gave birth the following Summer Solstice to Joel. Sybok dropped out of college and went to work at Riverside Medical Center as a custodian, eventually giving that up to persue a real estate career.

A few days after May Day of 1981, Denise delivered identical twins, Justin and Jonathan. Sybok took delight in his boys, but his relationship with Denise floundered. She had never learned to drive, despite Sybok ‘s pleadings (over 14 years), and became increasingly agoraphobic and falling deeper into the radical fringes of fundamentalism. He helped establish Boy Scout Troop 313 and became it’s first Scout Master. Scouting became his retreat from a hellish home life, and a place to connect with his sons. Denise got worse, and started seeing the Devil under every rock. This eventually led Sybok to buy a larger, more opulent home (in hopes of achieving “space”) but that proved to be of no use. Denise managed to fill the space with clutter, and Sybok finally left the house in January of 1990 and filed for divorce. Sybok was also having an affair with a coworker, but worse, he was engaged in
the beginnings of what would become a life long affair with the Goddess. BSA Troop 313 was disbanded by it’s sponsoring body, the People’s Church, when Sybok ‘s wife let the Pastor there know of Sybok ‘s affair. Most of the members of Troop 313 moved to Troop 300, sponsored by Sybok ‘s former Catholic parish and Sybok became an Assistant Scoutmaster there. This troop was made up mostly of working class union people, so Sybok ‘s repertoir of Union songs were an instant hit (with the parents anyway) around those moonlit campfires. It was around this time while living alone, that he became very involved with the internet, and various newsgroups. It was on one of these that he met Qadisha.

In March of 1991 Sybok flew to San Francisco to meet Qadisha It wasn’t hard to convince him that “California is the place you ought to be” either. He flew back home, got his affairs in order and on May 1st, flew Qadisha and daughter to Chicago, where he picked them up. They drove his ’88 Chevy Celeb back to Santa Cruz . The next November (13 months after their first meeting online), Sybok and Qadisha were handfasted at Valley of Fire State Park, north of LasVegas NV, with about 100 members of the internet community (who flew in from all over the country) in attendance. Together, Sybok and Qadisha founded Circle of Fire and Friends,a group which organized public circles marking the Pagan sabbats. The group fell apart over time, when it was shown that all people were interested in was the Sybok and Qadisha show, and not in forming community or working together. It was through CFF however that Sybok met Adam Walks Between Worlds , and entered into a friendship that would change him forever. Adam, Sybok and Qadisha corraborated on the founding of something completely different. That was Covenant of the Mithril Star , which blended ceremonial magick, druidism, thelema, and shamanistic  elements, and the core philosophy from Robert Heinleins landmark novel ,  Stranger In A Strange Land. For Sybok and Qadisha, living together proved to be a strain on their relationship. In fact Qadisha didn’t believe that men and women should live together and had even taken a vow that no man would ever live with her. Sybok took a room with a friend in Ben Lomond, nestled in the Redwoods between Big Basin and Henry Cowell Redwood State Parks. Sybok has a particular fondness for the giant trees, and that actually is his favorite feature of California. But Qadisha wanted to move to  southern Oregon, because of it’s proximity to Interstate 5 and lower cost of living. In the summer of 1998, Sybok and Qadisha relocated to Ashland OR , hoping once again to fullill his dream of establishing an intentional community. Ashland was thought to be a good choice based upon it’s reputation as a new age mecca in the Northwest. But it was Sybok ‘s second choice. His first was the very liberal town of Arcata CA, on California’s Redwood Coast.

Philosophical/political differences gradually drove Qadisha and Sybok apart. Sybok was inclined to be more openly Pagan, and was actually attracted to Ashland because one could do just that there. But Qadisha feared that her daughter would be ostracized, so a “rule” was imposed on Sybok : “Never wear your pentacle in public.” Later, after they broke up and Sybok was seeing someone new, Qadisha tried to impose the rule on Sybok ‘s new relationship as well.  That did absolutely no good and further strained things.

Sybok  was also a person whom communards contacted to network with others in the Pacfic North West. In July 1998 he founded “The Jefferson Index ,” which was organized to provide a network for Pagansand other Earth religionists Wedding party - 11/18/2000living  in “the mythical State of Jefferson.”

Ceridwen was one of these contacts, but Sybok did more than just help her relocate from Santa Cruz, he married her on November 18, 2000, after relocating :40 up I-5 to Grants Pass, the “gateway to the northwest.” It’s also :45 minutes closer to Sybok ‘s beloved redwoods. Why Grants Pass? Several reasons. Sybok was not at all happy in Ashland, mainly due to his economic situation. Since moving to the West Coast, Sybok has never made more than $24,000 per year. A major reason for moving to Oregon from Santa Cruz was the lower cost of living. This was a reason for moving from Ashland to Grants Pass as well. Ashland has become an enclave of the elite, and housing prices are skyrocketing. Wealthy Bay Area folks were moving to Ashland in droves, driving prices up to where working class people can no longer afford to live
there. Gradually Sybok discovered that Ashland represented everything he hates about America: Bourgois liberals who spout politically correct euphemisms while pretending there are no homeless in Lithia Park (and their Police force makesCabin above Grants Pass
sure it stays that way), and spawn children who spit at and harass the poor “scrubs” among them. In September 2000 a “friend” in Grants Pass offered Sybok and Ceridwen his cabin, set on 20 acres in a forest clearing, :10 minutes from town. Having just received notice of another rent increase for his boxy Ashland-ghetto apartment, Sybok and Ceridwen jumped on it. In July 2003, Sybok resigned from the office of Mithrilstar Patriarch.He was tired of being the “lightening rod” for everyone with a beef about the Order. Ceridwen was voted new Matriarch,and Sybok became the new Clerk , a more “behind the scenes” sort of office. In March 2004, Sybok , Ceridwen and the OMS Mother Grove relocated to Humboldt County California, where the sacred tree of the Mithril Star grows abundantly. In preparation for that move, Sybok and Ceridwen founded the Sequoia agan Alliance, to network and make friends with Pagans on the Redwood coast.
Jordan, Joshua and JesseWhat about Sybok ‘s boys? Sybok used to travel back to Kankakee about once or twice a year (they wouldn’t come to California, because (as we all know) “all Californians are Satan worshipers who eat babies while lounging in their hot tubs“), but hasn’t been able to afford that trip since the move to Oregon. He calls and emails them as often as possible, and as they grow up their relationship is getting stronger. The twins graduated this year from Illinois State University, and Joel is married, has two boys of his own, and sells Pre-Paid Legal insurance. Both of the twins married in this past summer. All their wives are beautiful and take good care of the boys.