And now we have Trump

Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States.

Gods help us!

From my days (well, 30+ years ago) as an evangelical Xtian, Trump exhibits all of the traits listed for the Anti-Christ. Here’s one that will really put the nail in the coffin: he has even deceived the elect (Christians- Matthew 24:24).

But let’s wait and see (like we have choice?).  He was a liberal in the past. Maybe some of that will kick in. Lets hope so.  Maybe when the Ayn Rand influenced Senate and House lay privatization,  or cut backs, on Social Security, on his desk, he will veto that. The same maybe true of Medicare. Maybe.

The worse thing would be to impeach him. Trust me, if you dislike Trump – Pence will be much, much worse.  If somehow both Trump and Pence are impeached, then we have Ayn Rand acolyte Paul Ryan (though, as POTUS he would have less power than he enjoys as Speaker). So you impeach those three, and then you have a reasonable chance that the POTUS won’t be a Dick: Orrin Hatch. That’s a lot of people to impeach to get down to some one who might be reasonable.

Don’t hold your breath.

It has been eight years

… and I am still alive.  Eight years ago, someone posted on this blog that “You will be dead soon.” DUMBASS!  What else?  A certain black magick shop in Eureka is long dead, but Avalon Risen is very much alive, and has been supporting Ceridwen and I for the past seven years, ever since Gottschalks went away. Oh, and we are still living in Eureka (sorry WL, your prediction of cardboard boxes and a U-Haul never materialized). The Reformed Druids of Gaia is still growing by leaps and bounds, as is the Order of the Mithril Star.

But I did learn quite a bit through all this.  1) Don’t allow a business and the Pagan community to mix. Neither will survive. 2) Don’t turn over something you worked hard to bring about over to someone who isn’t going to stay around. 3) Advertising dollars will secure your business success more than magick. 4) In fact, magick is just as effective as prayer. LOL!

Here find a History of the Sequoia Pagan Alliance, the organization Ceridwen and I founded and which was destroyed by trolls.