End Notes

Okay so now what?

The title of this collection, Applehood and Motherpie is borrowed from my high school
“underground newspaper,” circa 1970 – 1972.

At the end of every article there appears a golden apple with Greek writing on it. This is the
Apple of Discordia or Eris. The Greek letters spell out the word Kallisti which means “to
the prettiest one.” The apple is the key player in the Erisian mythos of The Original Snub.
Wikipedia explains: “The Original Snub is the Discordian name for the events preceding the
Judgment of Paris, although more focus is put on the actions of Eris. Zeus believes that Eris
is a troublemaker, so he does not invite her to Peleus and Thetis’s wedding. This is “The
Doctrine of the Original Snub”.”
Having been snubbed, Eris creates a golden apple with the word Kallisti (Ancient Greek:
καλλίστῃ, to the prettiest one) inscribed in it. This, the Apple of Discord, is a notable symbol
in Discordianism for its inclusion in the Holy Chao. The apple is traditionally described as
being made of gold, but the Principia Discordia notes a debate over whether the “gold”
described was “metallic gold or Acapulco.” The story also relates that the first thing Eris did
after throwing the Apple of Discord into the wedding was to joyously partake of a hot dog sans bun,
which is meant to explain the Discordian prohibition against consuming hot dog buns.
When the female wedding guests disagree about who the apple is meant for, Zeus decides to
leave the decision to Paris of Troy. Aphrodite bribes Paris, leading to the Trojan War, which “is
said to be The First War among men.”

But why am I using the Apple of Discord here? Reformed Druidism is, at it’s (apple) core,
very Discordian in spirit, as am I. Spirituality needs to have a humorous heart, or it’s no fun
at all. But for this I refer you to a couple of Prophets: Swami Beyondananda, and Rob
Brezney, who, along with the Dalai Lama, Grok the essence of humor.

May you never thirst for the waters of life, and,
May the FOREST be with you always!