Esoteric Meanings of Some American Symbols

This is by no means an exhaustive survey of the occult origins of our national symbolism, but we will at least cover the more obvious ones.

The Flag:

The flag consists of 13 stripes alternating red and white and a blue field with 50 five-pointed solid stars on it.  We share the colors (red, white, and blue) with a host of other nations whose revolutions were instigated by members of freemasonry.  The stars, as we mentioned are five-pointed. In fact they are Pentagrams and any hand stitched flag bears this out, since the stitches are always in the form of the Pentagram. The Pentagram as a religious symbol is shared by many Pagan religions (Wicca,  Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick, to name a few) and stands for the five elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. It also stands for humanity (If you stand in a certain way your head, arms and legs form the Pentagram).  Each of these Pentagrams stands for one of the 50 States and it’s ruling spirit (these taken from the lessor key of Solomon, a medieval grimoire). The Pentagram is said to control these spirits.

There are also thirteen stripes, ostensibly for the original thirteen states, but thirteen has a major occult symbolism as well, as we shall see.

Thirteen (13)

The number 13 occurs over and over again in our national symbols, most notably on the flag and on the “Great Seal of The United State“, illustrated on the back of the dollar bill.

Here’s a partial list:

  • The stripes on the flag.
  • The layers of the pyramid.
  • The letters in “Annuit Coeptis”.
  • The starburst above the Eagle.
  • The arrows in the Eagles right talon.
  • The leaves on the olive branch in the Eagles left talon.
  • The letters in E Pluribus Unum.
  • The stripes on the Eagle’s shield

The 13th card  in the Tarot is “Death,” and for this reason has always been considered as unlucky. But “Death” is interpreted as change, not necessarily dying, so for certain people “13” would be considered lucky.  The founding fathers were well aware of the significance of the number “13”.

The Eagle

The eagle is interesting because it was chosen as a symbol of strength and cunning, of lofty places, and of freedom,  yet the real eagle will only attack an animal that is smaller than itself and will in fact eat carrion if it can find it.  Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national symbol but he was voted down.  So what could be the real meaning behind the eagle? I would suggest that eagle is  a form of the Egyptian Phoenix, the mythical bird who is destroyed by  fire than rises reborn from it’s own ashes. This is a symbol of occult power, and a symbol of the old colonial system being destroyed and a new system,
a new world order arising from the ashes of the old monarchies.  Indeed, the latin motto, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” means “a new order for the world,”aptly symbolized by the eagle.

The Statue of  Liberty

The Statue of Liberty graces the harbor of New York city and may be the most famous american symbol of all, albeit a fairly modern one.  It was the gift of the Government of France to the United States. Lady Liberty also graces the top of the rotunda of the Capital building in Washington D.C., albeit in a different form.  Who exactly is she? Lady Liberty is a Goddess, and in fact she is Astara (notice the crown of light beams) and she stands at the very gateway of the new world, lighting the path for those who seek her wisdom.  Her other names are Ishtar, Isis, Ashera, Venus, Aphrodite, Danu, the mother of God, the Queen of the universe, the Queen of heaven etc. She is all of these and more, holding the book of wisdom in one arm and the light of knowledge in the other.

The Washington Monument

The giant obelisque which sits at the end of the reflective pool in our nations Capital is an Egyptian symbol, a memorial to the first President: George Washington.  But what else is it?  It’s hollow inside  and on the inner walls are thousands of small bronze plaques, each bearing the name of a Past Grand Master of a Masonic Lodge in the UnitedStates (George Washington being the first so honored). So the Washington Monument memorializes Freemasonry’s influence in the very beginnings of our nation.

City of Washington DC

The United States of America is not merely a nation. In the two centuries since its founding the United States has grown from a coastal alliance of colonial divisions into an entire civilization. Whereas many countries are identified by use of a native language, or allegiance to a certain religion, the United States encompasses all. If the rest of the world were to burn to a cinder tonight, every language, every nationality, every culture, every religion and virtually every gene pool would still exist within the borders of the United States. English is the international language of business and up to the time this was posted,the U.S. dollar has been the benchmark currency from which global values are derived. The United States has become this largely because of the individual freedom that is recognized as birthright in the Declaration of Independence, and Constitution which governs, regulates, and limits the power of the State to control individual actions, save those deemed criminal. Nothing more than the hope that freedom, both political and economic, might exist has caused wave after wave of international immigration.

In the U.S., not only is freedom a native birthright, but  also conveyed to all who come to stay, or to those merely here to visit. Our citizenship has always been available on a truly open basis. The U.S. has always been open to people, business, religion, culture, and politics. As if by magic are both personal privacy and economic freedom accommodated. Coupled to a system of scheduled political referendum, the U.S. has done nothing but grow since its inception. The United States rose to glory on the basis of its permissiveness.

The keys to this were the elimination of royalty and hereditary titles, the permanent separation of political alliances between church and state, and a mechanical system of political referendum. The great promises of the United States are freedom and liberty. As long as freedom and liberty are expanding, the United States will expand. If liberty and freedom become restricted, the power, prestige, and influence of the United States will contract. This is the all and all of the entire formula.

This model of government was largely crafted by members of an international continuum of intellectually gifted, and open minded thinkers known as the Freemasons. Virtually all of the founding Fathers were Masons. It is no wonder then, that masonic symbols adorn our money, our documents, and our architecture. As with the all seeing eye in the capstone of thePyramid which appears on a dollar bill, many of the symbols are of ancient Egyptian origin. It may be that no one alive today possesses the knowledge of their exact meaning. The only thing for certain is that the Masons thought it important, and were acting with deliberate intent.Being a secret society, and one which had suffered unspeakable persecution by alliances of Church and States wherever they organized, the Masons had good reasons for disguising their arcana. Even today, their rites of initiation, and lore are largely oral. But with the design of the Federal City it was their intent to incorporate their symbols in a monolithic way.

As can be seen on the
following map section, the
District of Columbia conformed
to a very specific plan. Whil
its streets were to laid out on a
grid which was perfectly
north/south, east/west; the
corner- points of its borders
were found at the cardinal
points of the compass. The
borderlines were set at 45
degree angles to the grid.
More so, while the street grid
was aligned to true North, the
corner-points were aligned to
magnetic North. The map
section referenced in this
essay was first issued by the
U.S. Geological Survey, and
was based on aerial
photographs made by the Air
Corps, U.S. Army in 1914. If
one looks at it with an initiated
mind,patterns emerge which
have never been specifically
identified before. This is made possible, in part, by the fact that certain landmarks have been
changed since the map was made. Looking first at the pink bordered figure , it can be plainly
seen that a gigantic pentagram star had been laid out which went from what is now Howard
University at its northern point, from Georgetown to a point north of Benning Road, on its E/W
axis, and the descending lines met diagonals at points in Anacostia, and Alexandria. The
largest portions of this star are formed by actual streets, the cross-bar being ‘K’ Street, and
the others being diagonals named after States.
It must be noted that the descending diagonals bisect both the U.S. Capitol Building, and The
White House with Pennsylvania Avenue set as a sight line for the Constellation Orion. At the
center of the ‘K’ Street cross-bar (at its intersection with New York and Massachusetts
Avenues, [yellow,]) is sited the first of the Carnegie Libraries, at Mount Vernon Square. This
location is certainly no accident, and it is probable that within its structure, or perhaps
cornerstone will be found explanatory documents. Currently it hosts the University of the
Museum of the District of Columbia, and is across the square from the new convention center.
Here ‘ X ‘ marks the spot as New York and Massachusetts Avenues intersect in the square.
The area encompassing The White House from Pennsylvania Avenue, south across the
Ellipse, to a site line [green,]formed by the conjunction of the Lincoln Memorial, the
Washington Monument (Egyptian obelisk,) and the Dome of the Capitol Building is absolutely
spectacular in its subtlety. The circle formed by the Ellipse is actually part of an Ankh ([Purple]
Egyptian symbol of eternal life) the arms of which are a segment of Independence Avenue,and the tail of which is a road which formerly extended to the axis line described above. In other words, the White House grounds appear from the air to be sitting atop an Ankh.
The White House grounds themselves are bordered by a horseshoe-shaped perimeter which is round at the bottom (southern border,) and open at the top (Pennsylvania Avenue.) Within this border sits the White House. Its southern driveway forms within the larger borders a circle of closure which
circumscribes a sun disk, which taken together with the semicircular Pennsylvania Avenue driveway forms a very distinct, and accurately scaled Crown Of Hathor (Egyptian Mother-Goddess [orange]). Within the Executive reservation are a Crown atop an Ankh, with an obelisk thrown in for good measure. The driveway
from Pennsylvania Ave. under the portico of the White House forms the horns of an apis bull, which when appearing atop the Crown of Hathor denotes the symbol of the goddess Isis. This may commemorate the Masonic Lodge of Isis in Paris, where much of the twin revolutions in America and France were planned.
The zero milestone marker may represent the third eye, in this case at the
conjunction of higher and lower consciousness (the spiritual, and the
temporal; the pineal and the pituitary). Of note is the fact that the height of Jefferson’s head in his memorial across the Tidal Basin is dead level with the pinnacle of the zero milestone. Measure down from this line at mean high tide and sea level may be established at the Tidal basin from the South lawn of the White House itself.

Every President to occupy the White House has been living and serving within a monolithic
Egyptian glyph. The combined symbols of the ankh, the obelisk, and the Crown of Isis constitute a very
powerful protected reservation. They are in and of themselves transcendental in nature. These types of symbols have the power to convey understanding without education or training. One wonders how many, if any, of our Presidents have known or comprehended this.

The Capitol Building is another story however. The Capitol dome is the zero point for the four quadrants of the city: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast. Streets running East-West bear alpha-numeric designation, while streets running North-South are themselves numbered. Diagonals are named after states. In theory, it is possible for anyone to identify their location on the grid at every street corner. 1st Street N.W. and 1st Street N.E. are two blocks apart, separated by North capitol Street, and so forth. Logic was imparted to the grid beginning at the Capitol, but the zero milestone from which the survey actually began is sited at the conjunction of the Crown of Isis/Hathor, and the Ankh of eternal life.

The Capitol building is sited on grounds that appear to be a flower. It is an imprint of a rose. As such, a basic Masonic symbol has been installed sub-rosa, which is a method they used in times of persecution to disguise their work, but to identify it to the initiated. It forms the entire Capitol Building reservation. This sub-rosa emblem is purely Masonic. At the base (western edge) of the symbol are twin circular reflective pools (blue- now gone) equidistant and aligned with diagonals of Pennsylvania and Maryland Avenues. The center axis of the Capitol dome aligns itself with the center axis of the Washington Monument, the dome of the Lincoln Memorial, and the White House. All axes of which are maintained with unobscured sight lines. The Capitol dome, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial are all sited in a perfect East/West alignment and in conformity with the Golden section (PHI). The symbol of the Rose is seen as the base plate for the Capitol Building itself.

In the Northwest section of the city, circles were incorporated at the intersections of diagonal streets (blue) There are six of these, seven if the circumscription of the Lincoln Memorial is included. In the Southeast quadrant however, squares and rectangles were incorporated at the intersections of diagonal streets. The NW circles may represent a configuration of heavenly bodies as once aligned, or the same which may be observed in a future alignment.

The circles of Northwest, and the squares of Southeast may also represent the northern and southern hemispheres. In an area just to the left of Connecticut Avenue and South of Rock Creek Park, is found another ankh (red.) It appears atop the hieroglyph for a djed pillar. The djed pillar represented the stability and order of ancient Egypt. This was also known as ‘Maat.’ Crowned by an ankh, it comes to mean the stability of eternal life. Just why it appears where it does is a mystery.

The star configuration was obviously overtaken by other events which included the State of Virginia taking back its land. This ultimately prevented its completion. Enough of it exists that its phantom members can be identified from existing remnants however. Accurate conclusions may never be drawn, but as with this description, enough facts blended with a little imagination makes for a very entertaining theory.

Sacred geometry has its laws and Washington, D.C. is in conformity with them. With this conformity, it is possible to tell the time and date of the year from above or below. The Federal complex functions as both a clock and a calendar. It is beyond comprehension to suggest thatthis was at random, or was designed independently by separate planners. The entire plan was drawn and scaled prior to execution.
Like the pyramids, it was implemented and installed over multiple generations by architects, artisans, and laborers who were serving a Divine plan without being aware of the plan itself.

The very strangest mystery of all lies in the fact that these monolithic symbols can only be identified from the air, and yet their planning occurred at a time when airborne travel had not yet been envisioned. Further, we know today that they are readily visible from space. For whom then, were these symbols intended, and why were they so systematically incorporated?

The men who gave us freedom must be recognized 200 years later as having had a superior
ability to turn thoughts, ideas, dreams, and visions into reality. Their powers of creation rank
foremost among those of modern Times. It is evident that they sought to preserve the
symbols of their dreams and visions in a way so blatantly permanent, that no matter how
much time it took, eventually the meaning would become clear to succeeding generations.
The Masons as a matter of routine, stored explanatory documents within their architectural
structures. Such may be found in the institutions incorporated within the grand design.
Meanwhile, the perfection of their accomplishments continues to educate, entertain, and
fascinate scholars of every disposition, as the foundations of Egyptian legends are preserved.
Over 200 years later, the electronic internet arrives. This picture was compiled at the
University of Illinois supercomputing center in 1994. It appeared in Newsweek magazine. It is
a graphic representation of trillion line bytes of internet traffic. As can be seen, the internet is a
star radiating from Washington, D.C. The U.S. government accounts for half of all daily
internet traffic on the world wide web. One star seems to predict the other. This is, of course,
very strange. It may indicate the guiding hand of the Universe, who put the constellation of the
Eagle over the U.S. landmass. The explanations are probably endless. But it certainly seems
to be a perfectly prescient prediction.

From time to time I will add to this page as I discover more meanings behind the symbols I’ve already mentioned and symbols I’ve yet to cover.