Only The Rich May Be Archdruids?

Note: A few years back our yearly gathering was announced on the RDNAtalk Yahoo
group. Immediately we were attacked for charging an “exorbitant amount” for the
event (FYI: We charge per campsite EXACTLY what the Park service charges, less the
reservation fee)……..

In a message dated 9/15/2006 4:17:35 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, mikerdna@… writes:
It’d be nice to organize something on the East Coast, but I’m afraid that I’ve missed the boat
for good camping weather this year. But I hope the idea spreads to other regions (perhaps a
Samhain pan-grove gathering in a regional manner?)

— In, idiotfromtexas@… wrote:
The Dogwood Protogrove has a camp out every Beltaine in George Washington or
Shenandoah National forests. It’s free.

Except that this is a lie: the event in question IS NOT FREE. First, there is no Shenandoah
National Forest, there is a Shenandoah National Park and they, like all the National Parks,
charge a fee per vehicle to enter the park, which in this case is $15. Further, there are
camping permits at both locations to purchase. If it’s a group site, you’re looking at up to
$200/night. Who pays for those fees?

For the sake of fairness, let’s take the statement at it’s surface. Let’s say that Dogwood
Protogrove has worked out an arrangement with the National Park system, and they are
letting people identifying themselves as Druids in free (not at all likely, but certainly possible).
Let’s say, further, that the Protogrove is paying for everything, so all their guests indeed, come
for free. What does this mean?

Seems that the implication here is that only wealthy Archdruids (those who can afford to pay
expenses out of pocket) should be allowed to host events. Everything should be free to
everyone else. Don’t we already have an elite wealthy minority running this country? Is that what we want for the Reform as well?
I guess I’m the fool here. In my Reform, ANYONE – rich or poor, male or female, black white
Jewish etc., can be an Archdruid. Having money qualifies you for squat.