Thou art God (Revisited)

“Thou art God’. It’s not a message of cheer and hope. It’s a defiance – and an unafraid, unabashed assumption of personal responsibility.”

Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land

My first exposure to this idea was through reading Robert A. Heinlein’s seminal novel, Stranger In A Strange Land. I was in my Sophomore year at Kankakee Eastridge High School at the time. My very best friend (and honestly, no other male has ever been as close to me) Louis Dolmon had gifted it to me. I have to say that this book, more than any other, changed my life.

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, this is not a new idea. My interpretation of it may be new, but not the basic idea.

“Thou art God”, is the greeting that Reformed Druids make to one another upon meeting. Typically, we do not say “I am God.” This is because my godness is dependent upon yours.  WE are God. Collectively. Every single sentient being in the universe comprises God. No one is God by themselves. We are all in this together. You could say that we are the atoms that make up God.  You might remember The Founders, who were the protagonists in the television series, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Founders, as individuals, were shape shifters. In their natural state they were like thick water and able to assume the appearance of anything. Their greatest joy was when they could all come together and form an ocean, co-mingling  (mixing) with each other in what they called “the Great Link.”

I think this is what happens to us, when we are “between the worlds.” When our physical body is no longer viable, we become one with everyone else in the Great Link.

What about the people we don’t like?  What about the President? Or the GOP members of Congress?

They don’t know that they are God. It’s their ignorance that causes them (and due to their actions, us)  trouble.

Do the best you can to work around them and otherwise ignore them. They’ll discover their god-ness soon enough. In the meantime we have to keep them from doing from doing as much harm as we can. This applies to terrorists, criminals and other misinformed folks as well. It means you have to love them in spite of themselves. That’s really hard

What if, say, 90% of the worlds population adopted this idea? What if a significant percentage of the Earths population came to this realization?

PEACE ON EARTH. Total equality. Total liberty. Total fraternity. No rich, no poor. Everyone has housing. Everyone is fed. Everyone has healthcare. No one is competing with anyone. Everyone takes care of everyone else and is in turn taken care of.




A “pussy” is a cat, according to most dictionaries. It is also a derogatory term for a vagina. When used in the sense of the later, it is generally always derogatory. For instance, “… a lot people are such pussies.” “A lot of people are such vaginas.” How can a person BE a vagina? A woman can HAVE a vagina. A man cannot (unless he is becoming a woman).

Why are vaginas BAD things? That implies that a penis is a good thing. But we know that a penis is sometimes a bad thing. “Dick,” “cock,” “shmuck,” “putz,” are all derogatory words to describe people. But I digress.

People who use the word “pussy” this way are saying that vaginas are bad. The truth however, is that vaginas are very, very good. The vagina is the entrance to the womb, and the womb is where life begins. In this sense a “pussy” is a far superior thing to have than a “dick.” Yes, a dick starts a life but without a vagina life cannot begin.

I’m thinking that because of the superiority of the female position, men are simply jealous and so they have to denigrate women in this way. Once a man impregnates a woman, his job is done. Her job will last for nine months and usually, the next 18 years.

This sot of goes along with the Republican Party’s anti-woman agenda, which wishes to force women to have children and then drops the matter, not caring what happens after the birth.

So a guy who habitually calls pacifists “pussies”: Isn’t he really, sub-consciously (if not consciously) a “misogynist?”


I wonder

When will we (and I mean, all of us – GOD) figure out that the distribution of money weakens us as a species and corrupts us. Don’t forget that the central dream of Star Trek was just this: a money-less society. I found a guy on the internet that puts it this way:

Imagine for a moment a society without money. When you think about it, money, the lack of it, the pursuit of it, and what to do with it, takes up much of our waking consciousness. Even in our dreams we dream about winning the lottery, paying off the mortgage or being able to afford every whim and want. In short we are slaves to money. But in reality it is just an idea. These little pieces of paper are meaningless in themselves, rather a means by which our society is maintained, kept in some semblance of balance and order.

However from another perspective, money and the pursuit of it reveals a far more negative aspect of humanity, greed. Because money can expand life choices and gain power over those with less of it, it is by nature the corrupter. Our monetary system, devised to be a means for fair economy and balances has become the controlling force of all human endeavor. It has become a sole purpose and the false God of a race of beings immersed in self-involvement.

The world is filled with inequity, most of which revolves around money. Those born into poverty have no choice in the matter, as is our good fortune born into wealth. The success or failure of political and economic systems comes from individual circumstance for which all associated populations endure the result. Most of us have little influence on what happens beyond trying to ensure we protect and care for our own love ones. Of course, no-one wants to give up what they have, or lesson the lifestyle and freedom that we enjoy.

Here’s the clincher. Technology, energy and world resources can sustain our world populations: rid the world of hunger, drastically lessen disease and care for all its inhabitants. The only obstacle is greed and what the monetary system has created.

Imagine a world without money, without the pressure of bills, striving to amass, budgeting and all that goes with our present system. And what’s even better, without money, without power there would be far less conflict. Perhaps we would learn to live in peace and not contend with or try to better our fellow man. The benefits would be many.

There are people that have been working on this possibility for some years, working out how such a society would work. The intent is not to recreate any political system or philosophy but to imagine a new working world order whereby a governing body would oversee the maintenance and procurement of all the resources needed to sustain a balanced, healthy world. Perhaps we would all be required to work certain hours per week in our chosen fields, having been educated and nurtured to achieve our potential. The reward for participation would be housing, food and recreational choices, living in the knowledge that our future and our children’s future is assured.

It all sounds impossible to achieve but dreams can come true and a world of peace and prosperity is worth consideration. Think about it.  — Tony DeLorger 



List of Cons of Free Enterprise Capitalism

This is only a partial list:

1. Market economy can result to having inferior products.
We contend what supporters say about high quality products being sold in the market with this economic system. Since capitalists are focusing on making profit, they are attracted to mass produce. Oftentimes, mass produced merchandise is of low quality since these capitalists will be more interested to supply what consumers are looking for at a given period and pay less attention on the quality of the products they sell.

2. It is not beneficial to workers and the environment.
We are concerned about the plight of workers, especially those who work in factories and manufacturing plants. With the goal of enterprises to earn profit, the welfare of workers is often taken for granted. There are poor working conditions, low salaries and lesser benefits. Moreover, some capitalists prefer to outsource manufacturing and investing in other countries since they are able to haggle for lower salaries. This also takes away jobs from local as well as taxes which should be paid to the government. With the motive to earn profit, workers and the environment can suffer. There are plenty of reports of environmental hazards such as oil spills and dumping of toxic waste materials.

3. It can cause prices of commodities to skyrocket.
In a command economy, the government has the last word not only on what products are to be sold in the market but also how much the prices are. This is not what happens in a market economy. Critics are not in favor of this since it will give capitalists the power to control the market and product prices. They can monopolize the dispensing of goods and demand these products cost.

4. It can create an imbalance in the economy.
Without regulation in the market, situations that can result to government expenses will arise. With free market, fraud and abuse is possible as in the case of the controversy in the savings and loan industry in 1982 wherein the Federal government spent $500 billion. Another instance was the series of lawsuits filed by women against silicone breast implant manufacturers for leaks on the implants. Critics say that these were rooted from lack of regulation.

5. More to come …..


Dalon ap Landu ponders his existence




Explanation: Dalon ap Landu is the Reformed Druid god of the Groves. He is a dualistic deity in that he shape shifts with the seasons. Here he is depicted in his Fall/Winter aspect. In the Spring/Summer, he manifests as the Green Man.