Prayer, Magick & Politics

I’ve always been rather politically involved, up until I moved to Santa Cruz anyway. I was active with the Democratic Party in Kankakee County (IL) and I’ve been active with various environmental and peace groups throughout my life. When we first conceived the Order of The Mithril Star (OMS), I at least thought it would be a vehicle for magickal political intervention. It hasn’t turned out that way, even though our Druids are mostly graduates of our  The Druid Path class, and therefore “indoctrinated” (bad choice of words probably) into the way I think.

So it bothers me. How did Trump get elected? How is it that we went from almost full employment, a surplus, an economy producing millionaires at the rate of ten a year or something, peace (relatively), and a environmentally positive program to the highest unemployment rate in 60 years, a deficit that will have our great grandchildren paying for years after we are gone, an economy producing homeless people at the rate of 1,000 per year, war and potential war on several fronts, and an administration bent on raping, pillaging and plundering our national treasures?

And let’s not forget the bonuses: an outright stripping of civil liberties, direct attacks on States Rights, and most recently, an attempt to do away with overtime pay, the 40 hour week and any benefits at all. What’s next? Will child labor laws be overturned as well?

How did all this happen? PRAYER. There is very little difference between prayer and magick.
I see them as different types of operating systems (like Linux and Windows). They can both
produce the same results. Christians have been praying for their agenda to become law. It looks to me like they are getting what they want too. Pagans, on the other hand, are busy arguing amongst themselves about the ethics of using magick for political purposes. Interesting.

Christians, in addition to praying for certain people to get elected to office, and for certain bills
to get passed through Congress, also pray “let our enemies be bound so they cannot harm
us.” What better way to bind ones enemies than to get them arguing amongst themselves about
the ethics of using magick, and therefore, keep significant numbers of them from using it?
I don’t know about anyone else, but to me it’s pretty clear. We either continue as we have
been, and watch this country become a Totalitarian Christian Theocracy, or, we lay aside all
the ethical arguments and start using magick to restore our country to Freedom.

(Note: This was originally written about George W. Bush, but I’ve updated it a wee bit for our current situation.  You’re welcome!)